"Christian Gaillard's breathtakingly realistic paintings are striking, as much for the economy of means and meticulousness of their execution as for their nobility. Most of his work concentrates on details of bullfighters' suits, seen only from behind. His seemingly materialistic style in fact makes extremely sparing use of paint. The way he paints gilding brings Velazquez to mind. It is sumptuous, bordering on the hyper-realistic. In truth, Gaillard has no fear of excess: in his depictions of processional statues he does not shrink from applying gold leaf to glorified haloes, or from gluing real crystal tears on the Virgin Mary's cheeks on his canvasses. The representation is masterly." On the exhibition "Toreros y Dolorosas": Marc Hérissé, in La Gazette de Drouot.

About the exhibition "Toreros y Dolorosas", Marc Hérissé, in La Gazette de Drouot.

Christian Gaillard was born in Avignon in 1951. He lives and works in Paris and in the south of France.

1989 : First exhibit of matador paintings in Nîmes . It is with this ambitious body of work on bullfighting, over one hundred and forty paintings to this day, that Christian Gaillard has made a name for himself all over the world, particulary in Spain, Mexico, the United States, and Hong Kong. Christian Gaillard has painted the portraits of the greatest living matadors, many of whom are his personal friends.

1990 : Exhibits at the Caplain-Matignon Gallery in Paris.

1991 : Wins first prize at the Real Maestranza de Cabelleria de Sevilla , in Spain , from the prestigious historical institution of the Royal Cavalry , including the distinction of being presented the prize for painting by S. A . R . Don Juan De Bourbon , father of the king of Spain. His submission was acquired by the Maestranza's Collection.

1992 : Exhibits at the Espace Gard, Paris, and at the Epry-Cayla Gallery.

1994 : Exhibits at the Fine Arts Gallery in Paris , Toreros y Dolorosas , and is a prizewinner at the Salon de La Marine.

1995 : Exhibits at the Espace Paul Ricard, Paris.

1996 : Exhibits at the Epry-Cayla Gallery, Paris.

1997 : Exhibits at the Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris.

1998 : Designed costumes for the production of "The Controversy of Valladolid" by the "Théatre de l'atelier" in Paris.

1999 : Exhibits "Mise à Mort, Mise à Nu" at the Epry-Cayla Gallery.

2000 : Exhibits "Fin de Siglo" at the Epry-Cayla Gallery and at the Espace Terre-Pierre in Arles . Also exhibits at the Espace Adamski in Paris . ( Innocent X- in Diego y yo ).

2002 : Exhibits "Maestros" at the Sibony gallery in Paris.

2002 : Paints "Profile of Courage" a homage painting to the firefighters of New York City, heroes of 9/11, a gift given to the New York Fire Deparmtnet by the firefighters of Paris.

2002 : "Maestro," a book of his matador paintings is published.

2003 : Exhibits "Mujeres" at the Sibony gallery.

2004 : Exhibits at Art Miami.

2004 : "De Luz," another book of his work on bullfighting is published.

2004 : Exhibits in the "Chapelle des Jésuites," Nîmes (Maestros).

2004 : Presents "ex-projection," a visual event based on his work, in Arles.

2005 : Exhibits "Spirit of Matadors" at Connoisseur gallery in Hong Kong.

2005 : Participates in the Bernard George film "La passion selon Mehdi".

2006 : Exhibits "Mise à mort , mise à nu II" at the Sibony gallery in Paris and also displays the videos "Paseo" and "Close Combat".

2007 : Exhibits "Faena" at Connoisseur gallery in Singapour.

2008 : Exhibits in Golegà (Portugal).

2009 : Exhibits "Heridas" at the Sibony gallery.

2010 : Exhibits at the Sibony gallery.

2011 : "Golega: Men and Horses" a work of photography completed in collaboration with Solal Gaillard is published.

2012 : Exhibits "Maestros II" and "Maestras y Maestros" at the Sibony gallery.